Price depends totally on the choice of blade and the complexity of hilt design and materials.

Ball park figures are as follows:  Swept hilted rapiers start at $375 and up, smallswords  $325 and up,  daggers $135 and up,  broadswords $350 and up.  These prices are subject to change at my whim.  I take all major credit cards, Pay Pal, and personal checks, though they must clear before I send on a completed weapon.

Delivery time:

Custom weapons have a reputation for being slow on delivery.

Fine craftsmanship takes time.  I do frequent progress reports to keep you up to date on your sword’s construction, facebook is great for this.  This is a side job for me, my day job being the overseer of Ohio University’s props program, and when our productions are in crunch time, less sword work gets done.  Conversely, summer and breaks really increase the construction push.  The line forms as first person to get me a down payment, first serve.

If you have a desperate deadline, talk to me and I will see what I can do to meet it.  My aim is to keep my customer apprised of the progress of their weapon and keep my delivery promises.   A word about deadlines:  I love to help you hit your deadlines, makes me feel heroic.  But, I am only human with a life and family outside of the sword business.  I will be very straight with you about if I think it is possible and will usually err to the side of caution. Your part in this is lead time.  It is rare that a sword goes from conception to delivery in less than 2 months, though physically I can do a swept hilted rapier in 25 to 30 hours, it is a rare sword that I can bash through in 3 days (has been done though) the sooner you can hit me with your order and down payment, the better.  I will not guarantee any deadline.  It is too stressful but I will be straight with you on your weapon’s progress.


There is no such thing as an unbreakable sword.  They will, by their nature, take an incredible amount of abuse.  I am purchasing my blades from reputable makers but they do have a finite life and will eventually have to be replaced.   I stand behind my work.  On occasion, I will get a bad weld and will cheerfully (and apologetically) repair any of my mistakes.  These swords will hold up well in normal usage, but are not meant to survive nightly two story drops.

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