The lay of the land- my shop

The workshop is very small, basically a corner of the prop shop.   I am only using the tools that a regional theater prop shop would have in their possession.  No machine shop here!!!   Sword construction is essentially additive and subtractive  sculpture in metal.  I purchase my blades, do research and design my hilts, then purchase mild steel stock and set to work.  Most of my shaping is done with 4 1/2 inch grinders with different wheels on them.  I use these great fast grind Blue Fire grinding wheels from McMaster Carr, and sanding 120 disk flapwheels from Lowes.   I have a porter cable random orbital sander with adhesive pads and 120 sandpaper,  and a power drill with different types of Klingspor flapwheels.   I also use piles of metal files and a carbide cutting tool for chiseling.

For the additive part, I am using a small ESAB MIG welder,  The Oxy acetylene rig for bending and shaping and the occasional welding.   I also have a small  plasma cutter and metal cutting band saw  and the trusty hack saw for trimming the metal to the right size.  I have an anvil and a variety of hammers I have collected over the years, plus different forms I have made to shape armor.

My handles are made of wood, and I use the lathe most of the time to rough shape them and finish the designs with files and a dremel cutter.    The only purely sword building tool I own is a Baldor polisher which has a 120 grit flapwheel on one side and a muslin polishing wheel on the other.




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